A new place to roost

I need a place to roost that will inspire me to follow through. I’m feeling rather resistant to adding to word counts at the  moment. I know part of this has been due the snowball effect of October of last year onward, but now it’s time to shake off the cobwebs and really consider what I want to do from here.

It’s not the easiest thing in the world to decide what comes next. Do I want to be published? Yes! Am I ready for all that entails? I don’t know. I’ve been spending much of my time focusing on personal issues, which are very important to me. Yet, I’ve neglected the artistic side. I need to grab life and time by the horns and follow through. I don’t need to wait for someone else to help me figure out what I’m going to do. I just need to do it!

And now I’m adding something new but this will be my place to blog about writing. The good, the bad, the ugly of it. The office is in place, although not completely organized. I have my personal space sans the distraction of the television. Now to make use of it.


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