Two months later…

Here I am, two months after my first post, following up on my progress. I’m making headway. I’ve organized the personal office a bit more, plus I’ve started one fanfic story as well as an original story. I also wrote a little 1K word fanfic snippet for a friend’s birthday. It’s slow progress, but it’s progress nonetheless. I’m working on simplifying life by clearing clutter out of the house (including the office space) , but I won’t use that as an excuse for not writing. I’m writing at my pace, even if it’s slow. Slow is better than nothing.

The original story is a m/m story somewhat inspired by Dostana, which is incidentally the source of my ongoing fanfic story. I’ve decided to use Miami as the location, so we’ll see how that goes. I’m also using Abhishek Bachchan as my visual inspiration for Devinder. For Roberto, I’m using Eduardo Verastegui. My goal is to finish this and get it submitted under my Delilah Parker pen name. From there, we will see what follows.


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