I used that title because so much has changed in my life and I’ve not finished some of the things I started.  But I’m also not beating myself up about those things. I’m reaching a point of understanding I should take it all at my own pace. I do want to do something with my writing, but I’m not completely sure what I want to do…yet.

Aspirations of publication? Sure. Desire to be well-read? Yes. Procrastinating due to fear of rejection? You betcha! So, where does that leave me? It leaves me wondering what I’m going to do. I say the same things each time I post, but I’ve not done anything else about it. I have to figure it out for me.

I’ve been saying much of this for almost seven years at this point. I still have one story in publication and it is bringing in royalties, albeit a wee bit. I should really think about what I want and  actively pursue it like I’m pursuing improvements to my health. Somehow, for me, it all works together. I’m left with making decisions and setting priorities. Perhaps this November will be the one that kicks things in gear. Perhaps…


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