Loving Thy Body

Today’s post is brought to you by two things.

First is the blog on Huffington Post by a mother giving her daughter a great lesson in body acceptance. In this post – http://www.huffingtonpost.com/kim-bongiorno/teaching-my-daughter-to-love-her-future-body_b_2490815.html – a mother gives a health, body-accepting response to help her five-year-old daughter be more accepting of her future body. But bloody hell, the comments section turns into a mix of people giving the woman two-thumbs-up for the great lesson and people attempting to fat shame the mother for promoting obesity. I thought the mother’s response to her daughter’s comments were fucking brilliant, but then I’m all about learning to love and accepting my body as it is. It’s an uphill battle every day, but when I see posts like this, I have hope that one day the world will be filled with acceptance of bodies of all shapes and sizes.

Second is a post in a Yahoo group dedicated to the artwork of an artist known for celebrating fat women and their curves. Someone in the group decided to announce to the whole group that she is going on a diet. This in and of itself is not a problem to me. It’s her life, her body, and she can do whatever the hell she wishes to it. What did make me sit up and take notice was a paragraph telling folks that if they were offended, then they just needed to get over it. She went on to say she is still all for fat acceptance, size acceptance, etc., but that she was doing this for health reasons. Again, I am not going to tell you what you can and cannot do to your body, because that breaks the Underpants Rule. Just as telling me to get over it if I’m offended by her talking about her diet is breaking the Underpants Rule. I am tempted to email her PRIVATELY to say that with the current wording, it would be very easy for someone to be offended by the post. With a change of a word or two, she could remove that visceral reaction. Now I have to decide if this is a battle I want to deal with today (or this week).


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