They Will Not Keep Me Down

They can try, and they will…but no one will keep me down! Thanks again to Ragen for her inspirational post.

Dances With Fat

I discussed before my love for Rudyard Kipling’s poem “If”.  One of the stanzas has come back to me recently as I’ve been dealing with some trolling.

Something that I’ve found in my experience with trolls is that people who revel in their bigotry will stoop to any level to keep the people they are oppressing down.  I’ve dealt with this in many ways but most recently I’ve seen it around a piece I wrote about doing a 5k with my dance team.  As usual, many of my haters experienced a failure of reading comprehension.

The piece was about being an athlete, doing an athletic endeavor unathletically.  Specifically I wrote “I struggled with not being “good” at the 5k.  I benefit from a tremendous amount of athletic privilege, and the athletic things that I do are typically things at which I am naturally talented and have put many…

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