Both Sides Now

On the other side are Size Acceptance and Health at Every Size which insist that basic human respect and the rights to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness are, in fact, inalienable and not size, healthy, or healthy habit dependent.  They also suggest that liking and appreciating ourselves gives us the best platform for making decisions about health and self-care, and that, if health is a priority for us, healthy habits are our best chance for our healthiest body (though of course there are no guarantees.)  I’ve looked, and lived, at both sides and now and I am so happy that I did.  This side is better by leagues and I’ll never go back.

via Both Sides Now.

With these words, Ragen speaks volumes about what should be and what we are fighting for and working toward. This is what I want for everyone. This is what everyone deserves. I’m tired of the idea that fat is automatically bad and unhealthy while thin is automatically good and healthy. People of all body types and sizes can be healthy and fit, just like people of all body types and sizes can be unhealthy and unfit. And why is another person’s body any of my business anyway? If I keep my focus on my body and doing what I want for me, then I don’t have time to worry about the next person.


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