Fierce, Freethinking Fatty Feminists

Fierce, Freethinking Fatty Feminists.

I might be a late bloomer to feminism, even though my mother was active in the women’s rights movement in its early years. In the 60s and 70s, she was active in the Civil Rights, Peace, and Women’s Rights movements. Sadly, she has since gone to the other end of the spectrum and become quite conservative in her thinking. Despite the fact that I spent most of my childhood and teen years in a conservative church, I now understand that I am definitely the flower child of a flower child. I have moved far from that mindset, more toward her earlier mindset. I might not have had as much early exposure to everything because she started changing her belief system around the time I was 8, but my mother has taught me a lot more about equality than she may realize. I’m proud to be the product of her protests and activism. ♥


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  1. This somewhat happened with my father, although he was never a feminist. He used to be more a free thinker in terms of social justice. Then in his older years he became very rigid and judgmental. I miss him nonetheless. He died at the end of November 2010 after a long period of declining health, including dementia.

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