This is now my place to write about my weight, my fat, my body image, and the need for fat acceptance. When I chose the words for my name – Luscious Words – I was thinking in terms of my fiction writing and the luscious women I write, as well as the delicious words I use to create characters, worlds, and all that my characters do in those worlds.

But I’ve had an epiphany that I need a place to write about my body and the fact that I choose to accept it as it is TODAY, in this moment. That does not mean there will never be changes. It simply means that I am accepting it as is in every moment of every day, without pressuring myself to hope for a better body in the future or ruing what society tells me was a better body in my past. I’ve decided it’s more than past time to live my life today, in the moment, and it starts now.


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